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Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 Las Ranas is a block (tablon) of the larger farm Finca San Francisco. The cherries that are picked in each tablon at...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 Buku Sayisa is a coffee that first caught our attention in 2019, in a big way! This year is no different with this lot expressing...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 This natural coffee comes from Hambela Wamena, which is a privileged - and stunning - area for growing high quality coffee. The...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 This lot showed great consistency across the latest samples we have cupped, both PSS and ARS. We can firmly say this is a complex...
There are a bunch of options for your Kenyas this year. Coffees from this origin are quite unique and distinctive, and nothing else tastes "like a Kenya"....
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 The Muthua-ini Factory is owned by Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society and is located in Nyeri. Farmers benefit from the highest...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 This coffee is very special to us. It is the first time we buy naturals from Kenya and this region has impressed us with its...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 This coffee has been processed in the Kithungururu Factory, which is part of the Kithungururu Cooperative Society. The factory is...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 Gitesi and Mahembe are two projects we have been committed to for a very long time in Nordic Approach. The consistency in the...
Поставка -ЯНВАРЬ 2023 This coffee is part of a project that is now going into its 4th year with Kingha Estates outgrowers. Kingsley Griffin, the owner of...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 There are a bunch of options for your Kenyas this year. Coffees from this origin are quite unique and distinctive, and nothing else...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 Этот кофе - это симфония вкусов, с нотами фиолетовых и темных ягод, таких как спелая черника и голубика, вплетенных с нежными...
The coffees are processed at Frinsa Estate, their wet mill is located at 1400 masl and has a ventilated storage space and a dry mill. This means they are in...
Поставка - ЯНВАРЬ 2023 We have visited the washing station and surrounding farmers. The farmers here allow the cherry to ripen well before they harvest,...
SALVADOR FINCA ATZUMPA Обработка - Натуральная Регион - Апанека Ферма - Finca Atzumpa Высота - 1375 Во вкусе: Слива, изюм, тёмный виноград, цедра...
INDONESIA FRINSA EDUN #1 Q88 Регион: Западная Ява Ферма: Java Frinsa Estate Высота: 1300-1600 Разновидность: Тимор (Борбор, Тимтим), Сигарар Утанг,...
COSTA - RICA ESTATE GRAND PEABERRY Q86,5 Регион: Турриальба Ферма: Акьярес Эстейт Высота: 1200 Обработка: Мытая Разновидность: Пиберри Во вкусе:...
ETHIOPIA ACACIA NATURAL Обработка - Натуральная Регион - Гуджи Ферма - Мелкие фермерские хозяйства Высота - 2000 Во вкусе: Черника, мед, слива, вишня,...
ETHIOPIA ACACIA Q86 Обработка - Мытая Регион - Сидамо Ферма - Мелкие фермерские хозяйства Высота - 1500 Во вкусе: Дыня, Цветочные ноты, вишня, малина,...
GUATEMALA CEIBA Q84.75 Обработка - Мытая Регион - Уэуэтенанго Ферма - Мелкие фермерские хозяйства Высота - 1500 Во вкусе: Вишня, Абрикос, Сливочный,...

Регионы: Серрадо Минейро
Урожай: Август - Июнь 2021
Обработка: Натуральная
Во вкусе: Сушеная Вишня, Миндаль, Темный Шоколад